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Testing our bungee trampoline 4 person mobile with TUV

A few words about us

Eurojumper develops, produces and sells highly popular amusement rides as well as the spare parts to keep them up and running, helping operators generate reliable income, maximize profits and achieve fast returns on investment.

Eurojumper is the fusion of a traditional Polish high-end custom design manufacturing company and Eurobungy, the specialized German company that achieved world-wide success with the invention of the original Bungee Trampoline and has been operating globally since 1991. Eurojumper offers the largest range of Bungee Trampoline models in the market and has now invented and released the next generation of fun, money-making rides: FunCity.

Each model comes equipped with the buyer’s choice of components, from basic (private and small companies) to high-end (parks and professionals) including the most important certificates (TÜV, etc). Our rides and equipment meet all major international safety standards and are trusted by customers around the world: Over 500 units have been sold worldwide!

Check out our products and contact us to find out how we can help you maximize your operations through the perfect combination of high-tech engineering and cost-effective production to accommodate all budgets.


customers has trusted us !


customers has trusted us !


customers has trusted us !

We deliver worldwide

Our units have been sold to virtually every corner of the world!

We deliver worldwide

Feel free to contact us!

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Eurojumper s.c.
ul. Wroclawska 20,
55-095 Januszkowice
(near Wroclaw)


Phone number
+48 609 655 895

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